Cake Smash

Cake Smash Questionnaire

1. Baby's Name: *

2. Baby's Birthday: *

3. Baby's Gender: *

4. My baby is... * Please select all that most accurately describe your baby's current development. This information allows me to prepare myself and my studio space for your baby's mobility. Please be as honest as possible, so I can provide a session that best fits your baby's developmental needs.

Sitting (assisted)

Sitting (unassisted)


Standing (assisted)

Standing (unassisted)

Walking (assisted)

Walking (unassisted)      

7. Has your baby tried cake before? *



My baby has tried other sweets. 

8. Will you feed your baby cake prior to the session? * PLEASE NOTE: It's often suggested that babies try some sort of cake at least twice, no later than a week prior to the session, to receive the best results and raise the chances of baby digging into their smash cake.



9. What would you like me to know about your baby? * Please use this space to tell me anything about your baby that you feel may help me with planning and preparing to have them in-studio.



10. Does your baby have any sensitivities, impairments, special needs, etc. that I should be aware of? * Please use this space to inform me about any medical or dietary needs that your baby may have.



11a. Does your baby have any allergies? * NO; my baby does not have any allergies that we are aware of.

YES; my baby has allergies. 

11b. What allergies does your baby have?

This will determine whether you are responsible for providing baby's cake, or if you will have the option of paying a fee to have the specialized cake provided with the session. 



12. Please select the option that best describes your baby when he/she is taken somewhere new and is around strangers. * 

Really outgoing; loves meeting new people and is un-phased by new environments

A bit anxious; tends to cling to mom or dad

Needs some time to become comfortable with new people and new environments

Depends on the day

Unhappy around new people and in new environments

13. My baby... * bubbly and happy. very laid back.

...tends to be fussy when not being held. okay as long as mom or dad are nearby.


About The Session... 

1. Session Location: * 

In Studio 

On location

2. Session Date: *

3. Session Time: * I advise scheduling cake smash sessions immediately after baby's nap time, so they are well-rested. Please lightly feed baby beforehand, so they are happy but still hungry enough to dig into their cake.



4. Who will you be bringing to the session? *

5. Would Mom & Dad like to be in a few photos with baby? * 


No; just baby! 

6. Are you interested in any of the following set-ups? * Please select all that apply.

Pre-Smash Cake Portraits

Smash Cake

Using "O-N-E" Letters

"Smash & Splash" (Letting baby splash in a tub after their cake)

7. Type of Smash we are doing: 

Cake Smash 

Spaghetti Smash 

Pancake Smash 

Donuts Smash 

Taco Smash




8. Do you have a specific theme you'd like to stick to? * The theme is often determined by the baby's birthday party theme. Please be as detailed as possible so I am able to accurately match the theme. Also use this space to specify if you'd like this theme to be used throughout the entire session. IMPORTANT: If you have party decor or invitations you'd like the session to match, please send an image to

N O T I C E: If you have a specified theme, I will do my absolute best to follow through with it and incorporate it throughout the session. However, with some themes this may be more difficult and therefore I cannot guarantee anything. If I am unable to complete your theme request, I will use the instructions and choices you've made below.



9. Pre-Smash: What colors would you like to see used? * This is in regards to any images taken before baby is given their cake. This portion of the session is usually styled by me, the photographer, and allows me to capture all the details of baby during this important milestone in their life.


10. What color scheme would you like to be used during the cake smash? * This is in regards to the background, balloons, pom poms, and banners often used during cake smashes.


11. What colors would you like to be used for the outside of the cake? *


12. What flavor would you like the cake to be? * The smash cakes I use are typically vanilla, as young children tend to do better with simple flavors that aren't quite as sweet. 

13. Are you bringing anything that you'd like to be used during the session? * Please describe in detail.


14. Please describe your baby's wardrobe for the session. * Please be as detailed as possible. A full smash-cake session includes two outfits, plus a smash cake outfit.

15.Do you have a pinterest board for ideas?