This is an unpaid internship for experience great for high school students that want to pursue a photography career. When you intern for me, you are not only getting invaluable material that you can use for years to come with your own personal business, but you are also getting a first hand experience at every type of photo session you could want. I will give you a crash course on your camera equipment, settings, flash, client interactions, vendor interactions, client experience, the booking process, scheduling, and editing. What that looks like is you coming to shadow a session, and picking my brain afterwards in turn for one 8 hr office working day. For working days you may be asked to cull, market social media, answer inquiries, or organize. There are so many great opportunities within this program.  I take on one intern at a time so I can make sure that I'm dedicating myself fully to you. 

Taco Date $600

We will meet for TACOS, because who doesn't love tacos!!!! This is 1.5 hours where I answer all your questions. I’m here to be transparent and share with you. We will talk about how you want to brand yourself, your editing style, pricing for your area, social media, how to run a legal business (taxes!), camera settings, and so much more. You can add on at $100/hour as we go if you want to continue learning.

Tacos + Ride along $900

Everything in the taco date plus you get to shadow me on a shoot. You will get to learn how I interact with clients, lighting, and poses. This is also a great place for those that have no idea how to use a camera and want to start.

The Whole Enchilada $2500

If you are really ready to invest everything into your business and your art, this package is for you. A 1:1 mentoring session.

This session covers everything you need to know about running a successful photography business. We’ll begin by meeting for some enchilada's so you can tell me what you hope to learn. From there, I will plan a session for hands-on experience and an editing session. You’ll get an opportunity to ask any questions throughout the session—nothing is off the table! Plus you will get my style guides, and headshots to start branding your new business.